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This website is all about choral music - in fact, everything about choral music in all its wonderful forms...

Starting with key contacts and resources, we hope that you will be able to visit every corner of the choral world. The various dropdown menus provide weblinks to businesses, individuals and other organisations that offer products and services to choirs, singers, music directors and others involved in all things choral. There are also comprehensive and detailed listings of composers, arrangers, publishers and multiple other areas of interest. The listing will be amended, updated and added to as necessary - Choral Music Pages is but a starting point for further exploration and diversity, and will undoubtedly evolve as we explore further fields of interest to visitors.

Written, edited and compiled by music industry professional and experienced singer Neil Collins, this website aims to be the ultimate reference and resource guide for all those involved in choral music.

Where there are errors, missing or incorrect information, we would like to put things right - just click on the CD symbol at the top of each page to send us a message. Please be assured that this is all in strict confidence - accuracy and good information is the ultimate goal.

Disclaimer: We aim to ensure that the information held on Choral Music Pages is as accurate as possible, but we cannot accept liability for any errors, omissions or changes.

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